Die Vorstellung meiner Hände.

Putte, Neu-Ulm, Germany
Solo exhibition

In the solo exhibition 'Die Vorstellung meiner Hände’ at the project space Putte in Neu-Ulm, Charlotte Mumm shows different sculptural gestures around the feeling between the inner and outer boundaries of the body. In these sculptural works, the floors of the exhibition space are claimed by an endless pattern of hands. In the first room, you can see abstract cement objects with tactile fabric ribbons and a reflecting, colour changeable dichroic glass. The materials are contradictory but are kept in balance by action and reaction as well as intro and extrovert properties.

These paradoxes as well as aspects of the sensual perception and the definition of space and surfaces play a major role in the artistic works of Charlotte Mumm. In the back room, there are shrivelled, knobbly and germinating potatoes. These idiosyncratic, imperfect but at the same time perfect, fascinating shapes suggest synapses or strange creatures, evoking a vague gut feeling. The potatoes are installed next to works that deal with the concept of fine and endless dimensions within sculptural ideas, and the relationship of opposing but symbiotic elements in Mumm’s artistic making processes.