Biased. Pause.

Phoinix, Bratislava, Slovakia
Solo exhibition

The exhibition Biased. Pause. is the result of ‘The Spur 16/18 residency’ at Sputnik Oz. It’s a sketch of patterns, prints and objects.

During her stay in Bratislava, Charlotte Mumm worked with patterns. These patterns are based on a dialogue with befriended artists about what patterns mean in their work. Patterns – not just as a visual decoration but- as a psychological process, a structure and imprint. And how rhetorical habits infuse the visual world and vice versa.

In Biased. Pause. the artist is showing the input and outcome of this dialogue in which she approached patterns as a vehicle looking for clarity or objectivity but simultaneously getting more personal. Through the looking glass. This is accompanied by objects, which are dealing with the ambivalent processes in the pattern making and are providing a counterbalance. All of this is part of an ongoing process.