Rübe und Stapel

Galerie Coucou, Kassel, Germany
Duo exhibition with Anna Holzhauer
Photographer: Milen Krastev

Surfaces, lines and colors merge into a multi-layered conglomerate.

Anna Holzhauer and Charlotte Mumm are showing new works, which they have specially developed for the exhibition ‘Rübe und Stapel’ at Galerie Coucou. With a carefully composed interplay of ceramic reliefs, paintings and site-specific installations, they question simultaneously the boundaries between space, surface and the body as well as intrinsic values and outer conceptions. A voluminous yellow convex form sticks its material presence towards the visitor and creates a confronting view. And in doing so discloses a different spatial dimension. This phenomenon repeats itself on different levels and tangible media like the multi-dimensional ceramic objects, reclusive but haptic paintings and structures made out of dried sliced potatoes and French fries. Experimental, sprawling structures offer the stage for sensual references to other spatial and painterly works in the exhibition. All the works in "Rübe und Stapel" have an odd somatic but solitary appearance. Every step, every glance and every thought can shift the existing spatial spectrum and creates a thought game of being and becoming.

Drüse, 2019
Multiple glaze and fired ceramic

Struktur II, 2019
Dried French Fries
Size variable

Exhibition view
Left: Charlotte Mumm / Drüse, 2019
Right: Anna Holzhauer / O.T. (chip), 2019
Around: Charlotte Mumm / Struktur II, 2019

Scale, 2019
Multiple glaze and fired ceramic, glass

Struktur I, 2019
Dried Potatoes
Size variable

Scale, 2019
Multiple glaze and fired ceramic, glass

Exhibition view
Left:Charlotte Mumm / Struktur I, 2019
Middle: Anna Holzhauer / Position, 2019
Right: Charlotte Mumm / Organ, 2019

Exhibition view
Left: Anna Holzhauer / Position, 2019
Middle: Charlotte Mumm / Schuppen fallen. Scale 6 & Scale 8, 2017
Right: Charlotte Mumm / Vene, 2019

Schuppen fallen. Scale 6, 2017
mixed media on fabric, mounted on wood
69 cm x 50 cm

Schuppen fallen. Scale 8, 2017
mixed media on wood
61 cm x 50 cm

Vene, 2019
Multiple glaze ceramic