capsulated drifts

Galerie Tanit München
New Positions Art Cologne

The main work in these presentations is the ensemble entitled ‘rooms’, which consists of 44 flocked wooden panels alternating with 44 drawings on paper. The panels show various stellar constellations and the drawings reveal personal once. A total of 88 pictorial objects – 44 real and 44 ideational are on display. This equals the number of official constellations.

In this setting the sculpture ‘capsulated drift’ seems like a foreign body and almost like an aggressor.

The object ‘diffusion’ is a box made out of one-way mirror with dice that I designed. Abstracted faces can be seen, which are based upon the classical guidelines of dice design. These faces and their moods dissolve into a state of indifference. Observers can look inside the box, where mindsets are being reflected. They infinitely refer to themselves and are their one and only point of reference.

acrylic, gouache on handmade paper, 44 pieces
flock, copper pigment, oil paint on HDF panels, 44 pieces
each 28,5 cm x 38 cm

capsulated drift
wood, fabric, paper, metal, PVC,
mortar, reinforcing filler, liquid plastic
105 x 110 x 144 cm (h)

dice (16mm)
spy/one-way mirror,
glass and wood
18 x 18 x 18 cm (h)