Hello, I’m Nobody and who are you?

Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal Wiesbaden

Solo exhibition at the end of my ‘Artist in Residency’ in Wiesbaden, Germany. During my stay I explored the archives of the Naturkundemuseum Wiesbaden to get an impression of the diverse structures in nature. The endless varieties of natural and bizarre forms initiated the drawings ‘aus der Blendung heraus I-XVI’.

Also I experimented intensively with Plissé. Folding and systematic pleats have a very interesting aspect since they enlarge the surface many times and create a non-graspable dimension. On one hand the folds are systematic, rigid and sharp but on the other hand Plissé has an organic and agile look and feel. Out of this interest the sculptural works ‘durch den Kopf fallen’ und ‘Aussetzer’ evolved.

Aus der Blendung heraus, I-XVI
pencil, acrylic, gouache
on handmade paper 300 g/m2
each 50 x 65 cm

durch den Kopf fallen
wood, metal, pleated fleece, fabric,
lacquer, sealing compound, pigments
130 x 200 x 280 cm (h)

Double Dutch
oil paint on Masonite
122 cm x 90 cm

pleated fleece, copper,
epoxy resin, pigments
130 x 100 x 150 cm (h)