leaving the peak where it is

Open studio, Bellwald, Switzerland
Fir cone extract/ink and EPDM on paper
Each 75 x 110 cm, serial work 10 pieces

Photographer: Stefan Ruissen

During her residency at in the wintertime of this year, when natural materials were hidden under snow, she developed a new painting material by cooking pinecones, easily to find sunken in the snow cover. She used this ‘pinecone-ink’ for a series of large drawings that were marked by her impression of the sculptural heavy, strong and steady mountains of the Wallis' site, yet not in any illustrative or picturesque way. Instead, there is a feeling for their primeval stability in the strong marking of balance and gravity, and at the same moment a sense for the immense optical width, marked by the constructive intervals between the quite minimalistic drawing marks. And it came to an affair with the beautiful structure of smaller stones of the site, lying around and easily to be picked up by the artist. This interest for the articulated form in itself, that otherwise would be a raw material for artistic processing, opened a new field of research for the artist.

Written by Ursula Panhans-Bühler