Grund en reason - presentation 2022

Grund en reason
Glazed ceremics, 2022

During my residency at kunsthuis SYB in Beetsterzwaag, I collected different types of Frisian soil/grûn and other organic material. I transformed these materials into ceramic glazes, each material will lead to its own aesthetic appearance during firing and sintering. In that way the glaze will tell a story about where it comes from but in an autonomous and poetic way. I applied these glazes on plates and bowls with texts from a palm reading and some lose drawings catching the atmosphere of the palm reading phrases.

The words Grund en reason were a line of thought in my work process. The German word Grund not only means soil or ground, but also; reason, motive, foundation and cause. It asks for: Why? and looks for a deeper meaning or reasoning. Reason on the other hand unfolds in different meanings, shifting from rationality, argument to cause.

During the presentation people were invited to use the plates and bowls for Frisian pastries.

Grund en reason
Glazed plates and bowles, 2022

Presentation at Kunsthuis SYB

Photo: Stefan Ruissen


Text Grund en reason, 2022

Collecting soil and other material

Photo: Stefan Ruissen

Making process of the glazes