Recursive Postures

fabric, PVA glue, primer, acrylic color
serial work, 12 pieces
each ca. 106 cm x 82,5 cm

demon and clown, still, idiom idiot, Schauer, fractal fragilities, elastics, P.S., under stand under story, gait, concrete mosaics, room to room, again against

I’m fascinated by miniature paintings; especially the framing and the enormous empty room around the depiction catch my attention. A frame is literally a boundary, but it can also be the context in which something occurs, or a way of defining and formulating something you need to grasp. The surrounding empty space doesn’t give you an orientation instead it creates room for autonomous reflection.

I picked various fabrics and prepared them with many layers of glue, primer and white acrylic paint. The look and feel of the fabrics is de-charged with this process. On the white surface of the prepared sheets the background vaguely shines through. On each piece you also see three nested frames, in which the background, the original fabric, comes to the surface.

The spared frames refer to the subject of recursive elements and the nesting creates a pull towards the small drawing. These minimal images depict recursive emotions, notions and narratives– everything evolves out of something.