Past the Time Between

Trio-exhibition 'Past the Time Between' at hoast in Vienna, Austria

Video and floor, Charlotte Mumm
Sculptures, Katrin Plavčak
Performance and object, Daniel Massow

Photographer: Wolfgang Obermair

In the trio-exhibition Past the Time Between at hoast, the artists Katrin Plavčak, Daniel Massow and Charlotte Mumm are using the floor of the space as their stage. This happens with three different, independent positions and odd pictorial imaginary.

Katrin Plavčak mainly works in the field of experimental music and painting, in which she is visualizing ideas and mental constructions dealing with political matters or situations which question authorities as well as scientific topics.

Whereas Charlotte Mumm’s means of expression crosses painting and sculptural works in which conflicting perceptions and paradoxes play an important role. In this exhibition, the roles are reversed. Instead of paintings, Katrin will show sculptures, built out of remnants which can be put together in different ways. And Charlotte will alter the atmosphere of the space by creating a floor piece and displaying a video.

Daniel Massow stays true to his role as a ‘Damendarstellerin’. In various incarnations, he explores the representation of body, soul and gender in media.
In the form of a drag queen, the connection between femininity, artificiality and power is being explored. For the opening on June 18th, Daniel is putting up a custom-made show with the best dress, perfect make-up and singing tongue-in-cheek.

Performance Damendarstellerin
Photographer: Ivan Kalev

Sculpture: Katrin Plavčak

Video 'Past the Time Between'
Parts of the original images courtesy of Symscape