8x Brüderkirche Kassel

The work ‘diffuse’ shows a light installation with 2 perforated synthetic leather panels. In the first blue panel you can see perforated patterns. If you look closer you notice that the pattern is made out of simplified faces/ stereotypes (happy, sad, neutral, indifferent = diffused). One mood with the other creates a strong ornamented web but at the same time they dissolve. The light goes through the ‘face-holes’ and shines on the second panel. On this grey panel are random perforated holes with the ‘face light spots’ shine on it. Behind this last layer only a few bright light spots come through and create new constellations.

diffuse II
two manually perforated artificial leather panels (blue/grey), spot and floodlight
(2x) 451 cm x 142 cm

Technogel-cast, unique
40 x 30 x 30 cm (h)