acrylic, gouache on handmade paper, 44 pieces
flock, copper pigment, oil paint on HDF panels, 44 pieces
each 28,5 cm x 38 cm

The work ‘rooms’ consists of 44 flocked wood panels alternating with 44 drawings on paper. The panels have flocked dots, which represent a selection of various astronomic constellations. The constellations and their stories contain a cultural memory. Human beings search for and find orientation and order in the perception of abstract shapes or seemingly chaotic accumulations by associating them in the form of stories or subjective projections. Drawings of my personal constellations/ circumstances are the counterpart to the panels as they portray a virtual abstraction of aspects in my inner and outer conditions. Internal situations, questions and free forms, that either drift into the abstract or the figurative depending on the viewing angle, appear.

A total of 88 pictures – 44 realistic and 44 idealistic, depending on the point of view – are on display. In total this equals the number of official constellations.

Pyxis, S
Schiffskompass, Compass

Ursa Minor, N
Kleiner Bär/ Wagen, Little Bear/ Dipper

Canis Major, S
Großer Hund, Great dog

Telescopium, S
Teleskop, Telescope