Once upon a time

acrylic, ink and gouache on paper
serial work (30 pieces)
70 cm x 100 cm

‘Once upon a time’ suggests a fairy tale, taking place in an undefined place at an unspecified time. The opening words 'Once upon a time' lead to a combination of words and phrases, which are important in the artist's work as ideas, characters or elements of disruption. By rotating the paper 180 degrees, a second sentence becomes visible that describes its opposite in a poetic or very direct way.

In her artistic work the artist is constantly confronted with and surrounded by contradictions. Here she employs such paradoxes as conceptual and verbal starting points. The drawings function by their pros and cons, their interchangeable orientation and the simultaneity of the statements. Formally, the stenciled, black font is painted on an abstract, coloured background. Each sheet of paper is a monotype, produced with the Décalcomanie method. The duplication of form and colour can be seen in the stenciled sentences as well as in the print since the same printing plate is rotated and used twice in the printing process.

Exhibition view ‘Stomach Communities’.
Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, Germany.

Exhibition view ‘Stomach Communities’.
Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, Germany.

... the periphery of the backbone.
... an elbow center.

... empty space in the broadest sense.
... clearly a fully occupied room.

... my being was in pieces.
... they uniformed their being.

... there was improvisation.
... there was a Wunschkonzert.

... your speculations influenced me.
... your reality was not mine.